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Spread Different

ChocoRoll is the first and the only product which limits the amount of spread over bread

Great quality, less quantity

The unique roller head limits the amount of spread for a small serving

More control means less sugar, calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates

and sodium per serving.

Is ChocoRoll healthy? Yes it is

ChocoRoll is made with wholesome ingredients.

Rice bran oil, cocoa and Stevia

Easy and Fun

Great fun to use! simply roll over, even kids can do it!

Incredible taste

A thin layer of ChocoRoll has more noticeable flavor. Roasted cocoa beans provide a rich and intense chocolate taste with a hint of Vanilla.
Available in 2 delicious flavors!

Contact Us

ORNAT Chocolatrie

Hasharon industries park, Kadima, Israel, P.O.B 5008
Tel: +972-9-8913399 www.cho.co.il​​

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